Please check back in September for information about the 2024 conference!

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2023 Schedule and Program Now Available!

The Virginia Humanities Conference at Germanna Community College

March 2nd and 3rd, 2023

Disrupting Ideologies – Change, Challenges and Contests over Ideas

Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Kerri Moseley-Hobbs, the founder and director of More Than a Fraction, has work in education as both an administrator and researcher for over 20 years. She is a 5th generation descendent of John Fraction, the subject of her first Creative Nonfiction book “More Than A Fraction” and specializes in history of Africans in America, African Americans, and indigenous peoples of Maryland, the Southeast region.

The Zoom can be found below (one Zoom link for each day) and breakout rooms will be held for each session.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Renee Garris

Virginia Humanities Conference


Thursday, March 2

9:00- 9:10 Welcome –  Dr.Gray, President, Virginia Humanities Conference


9:10-10:10 – Panel 1

Session 1

Tracing (Counter)Stories in Confederate Monument Controversy

Co-Presenters: Dayman Parrish (Undergraduate, CNU ’24) &

Dr. Brooke Covington (Assistant Professor of English, CNU)

Legacies of Rage and Resistance: Building Social Justice in the 21 first Century Academy

Danny Tweddy (UMW)

Session 2

Teaching Multicultural literature using culture as the central point of disseminating meaning through: Jhumpa Lahiri’s “A Temporary Matter

Sunithi Gnanadoss (Germanna)

Guanyin and GOOD Violence of the Bodhisattva

John Thompson (VCU)


10:15-11:15 – Panel 2

Session 1

Teaching the Humanities Through Travel: Minoan Crete

Carol Campbell (Professor of Humanities, GCC, NOVA CC)

Session 2

Envisioning Desiderata: Art as a Tool for Projecting and Concretizing Solutions to Our Current Social, Political and Human Problems

Joe Dreiss (Professor of Art and Art History, UMW)

Interdisciplinary English as Social Justice: Dickens, Disney, and Popular Culture

Eric Lorentzen (UMW)


11:20-12:20 Panel 3

Session 1

Ugliness within Beauty: How the collaboration betwixt the Church and Government gives reason for Urban Criticism in Cervantes’ Rinconete y Cortadillo

Riley Parks (CNU)

The Face of the Earth Disrupts the Ideologies of Borders

Kip Redick (CNU)

Session 2

Collaboration at Every Level: The Centrality of Student Work to Digital Public Humanities – Roundtable

Janis Parker (U of Richmond), Dan Howlett, (GMU), Kathryn Ostrovky (U of Richmond), Jeff McClerklen (UMW)


12:30-1:30 Keynote Speaker – Dr. Kerri Moseley-Hobbs


1:45-2:45 – Panel 4

Session 1

Writing Roundtable – Jessica Perez, Germanna

Paper presentations – Jad Abielmona, CJ Walker, and Steven Laporte  (Germanna Students) 

Session 2

Marymount’s Buildings’ Namesakes-Racial Equity and a Legacy of Slavery

Maddy Diba (Marymount University)

How Art and Culture can Benefit Prisoners During and After Incarceration

Alexa Valverde (Germanna ‘24)


Friday, March 3


9:00- 9:05 Welcome

9:05-10:05 Panel 5

Session 1

A Dangerous Humanities: Applying the Discipline’s Method to What is Uncomfortable in our Present World.

Christopher Martiniano (VCU) and Justin Cockrell, (VCU undergraduate ‘24)

The Immaterial Cloth: understanding expressions of gender and sexuality in the Anthropocene through computer/loom produced art

Justin Cockrell (Undergraduate, VCU ‘24)


Session 2

A Lighthouse of Language

Paul Fallon (UMW) and Ge’ez Frontier Foundation

The Agonies of Apathy: Mary Johnston and the Challenges of Inaction in the American Progressive Era

Clayton Brooks (Mary Baldwin)


10:15-11:00  Delegate Meeting to follow

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Announcing the CFP for the 2023 Conference!

Disrupting Ideologies

Change, Challenges, and Contests over Ideas

Sponsored by Germanna Community College

Online, Thursday March 2 – Friday March 3, 2023

Deadline for submission: February 10, 2023

The Virginia Humanities Conference invites presentations, panels, and creative arts that address challenges and contested ideas in the arts and humanities. The disciplines that make up the Humanities help us make sense of the world in the context of diverse cultural traditions, historical experiences, and perspectives. Historically and today, these ideas and ideologies of varied traditions have been sites of conflict. It is imperative that we explore areas of intellectual incongruity to better understand the past, the present, and the future of our field.  As academia confronts issues of reckoning with the past with an understanding of the impact that current events and their interpretation have on the future, academics must reflect on how changes have altered and disrupted the study of the humanities and human creativity and expression itself.  We invite papers that explore ideological changes, contests, and confrontations in a variety of contexts including presentations on historical research, explorations of theory and methods, reviews of the state of a field, or speculations upon future challenges.

Topics could include:

  • The intersection of Art and Humanities with current human rights struggles
  • Constructive and emancipatory contributions that convey orientations for social action
  • The role the humanities play in sustainability-oriented transformative research
  • Issues around the collection, creation, curation, and stewardship of data
  • Humanities spaces as spaces for challenging or resisting
  • Humanities classrooms as safe spaces
  • Strategies of intersectional feminism in the age of Trumpism
  • Questions about discipline and method: How do different methodologies negotiate an encounter between ideas or ideologies? How do disciplines transform in conversation with each other?
  • Spaces at the horizons of exciting new opportunities for creative expression
  • Unexpected and untapped directions for research
  • Conflicts between discourses of science and the humanities (or specifically, science and religion)
  • The rapid change and varied views around lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer issues and the disruptiveness of gender studies.
  • The role of the Humanities on issues of race, ethnicity, and social justice

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