2024 Conference Program

“The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Humanities”

March 21-22, 2024


9:30: Opening Remarks
9:45: Welcome from Dr. Bill Fiege, President of Brightpoint Community College

SESSION #1 10:15-11:45
Moderator: TBA
• Dr. Shahidur Talukdar, Virginia Tech, Dr. Lisa Lee, Virginia Tech, and Dr. Christen Jandreau, Virginia Tech, “Does Generative Artificial Intelligence Pose a Threat to the Humanities?”
• Dr. Lee Pierson, Thinking Skills Institute, “Is Artificial General Intelligence Already a Reality?: Refocusing, Centaurs, and the Need for the Humanities”
• Ryan Scott, Brightpoint Community College, “The Ethical Implications of Integrating AI and Healthcare”


Dr. Jennifer Rhee, Lab Director of the AI Futures Lab within the Humanities Center at Virginia Commonwealth University, “Emotion AI: Technologies of Deauthorization”


SESSION #2 1:45-3:15
Moderator: Dr. Sean Keck, Radford University
• Dina Smith-Glaviana, Caleb McIrvin, Chreston Miller, and Wen Nie Ng, Virginia Tech, “Using AI to Expand Metadata Standards for Historic Costume Collections”
• Dr. Joseph Dreiss, University of Mary Washington, “The Impact of AI on Contempoary Visual Art: An Overview and an Assessment of Value”
• Dr. Maria L. De Panbehchi, Brightpoint Community College, “What do we do with AI in the foreign language classroom?”



SESSION #3 9:00-10:30
Moderator: Dr. Shiva Mainaly, North Dakota University
• Dr. Adrian Cook, Tarrant County College, “Experience is Evidence: Why I Will Ban ChatGPT in My Classroom”
• Dr. Jean Filetti, Christopher Newport University, “Using AI-Generated Assessment of Student Writing: One Faculty Member’s Experience and Students’ Response”
• Ryan Youell, Brightpoint Community College, “Equitable AI—Navigating the Ethical Landscape of AI in Composition Pedagogy”


SESSION #4 10:45-12:15
Moderator: Dr. Clayton Brooks, Mary Baldwin University
• Dr. Dawn Hutchinson, Christopher Newport University, “Conversations in the Classroom about AI”
• Dr. Sue Ann Curran, Brightpoint Community College, “The Logic and Promise of AI in Higher Education”
• Dr. Shahidur Talukdar, Virginia Tech, Md Mahim Anjum Haque, Luminary-AI, Syed Tauhidun Nabi, Virginia Tech, and Sagor Sikdar, Stony Brook University, “Impact of Technology on the Future of Course Development, Design, and Delivery”


SESSION #5A (Concurrent) 12:30-2:00
Moderator: Dr. Sean Keck, Radford University
• Dr. Shoshana Milgram Knapp, Virginia Tech, “Reading with Understanding: Getting to the Point with AI, without AI, and despite AI”
• Dr. Adam Fajardo, Mary Baldwin University, “Using LLMs to Increase StudentEngagement and Support Active Learning in Professional Writing Courses”
• Dr. Shiva Mainaly, North Dakota University, “A Looming Prospect of Post-plagiarism and Post-truth Landscape in the Age of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)”


SESSION #5B (Concurrent) 12:30-2:00
Moderator: Amanda Yanovitch, Brightpoint Community College
• Student Panel, Virginia’s Colleges and Universities, “Undergraduate Voices Across the Commonwealth”


SESSION #6 2:15-3:45
Delegate Meeting

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